Friday, December 4, 2009

Salarrué Biography

Salvador Salazar Arrué
(Poet, painter and Salvadoran writer)

Born in Sonsonate, on October 22, 1899.

Published his first story, when he was ten years old in the Journal of El Salvador. He paints with great skill, that´s why, his family sent him to study with the Professor Spiro Rossolino (Italian).

After get an scholarship to the Academy part of Corcoran in Washington DC, he returns to San Salvador at the age of 20 years. He exhibited his work many times in different galleries and places of El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, New York, New Orleans and other places. He has been considered one of the best poets in our country.

He co-founded the new Latin American narrative flow. In his "Cuentos de barro" and "Cuentos de cipotes", he talks about the peasant world. He also published novels, but his real mastery was in the story.

Salarruè is one of the authors who have given to this genus, an universal screening in Central America.

He died in San Salvador on November 27, 1975.

Basic references:

El Cristo Negro (1927)
El Señor de la Burbuja (1927)
O Yrakandal (1929)
Remontando el Uluán (1932)
Conjeturas en la Penumbra (1934)
Eso y Más (1940)
Cuentos de Cipotes (1945)
El Trasmallo (1954)
La Espada y Otras Narraciones (1960)
Vilanos (1969)
Ingrimo (1969)
La Sombra y Otros Motivos Literiarios (1969)
La Sed de Sling Bader (1971)
Mundo Nomasito (Poesía -1975)


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